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Employees often keep quiet about what they do not understand, particularly when it comes to IT. Fear of being shown-up or out of touch with technology prevents staff from asking for help. We aim to turn this culture around with bespoke online training which will equip your staff with the tools and confidence to continually improve their IT skills.

Compliance: Ensure legal compliance and avoid financial liabilities

With Netaraxy’s 24/7 monitoring you will achieve the security control compliance defined under PCI DSS for credit card payments, GDPR, and ISO 271001: 2022 Annex A.

Assuming you are compliant with GDPR (EU) 2016/679, can you demonstrate that no data has been lost?

Threat Hunter

Know your enemy: financially motivated attacks and data theft are on the rise

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Network Protection

Keep out the attackers with industry leading firewalls

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Secure Managed IT

Partner with Netaraxy to outsource the management of some or all of your IT systems.

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