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LEVEL 1 – 24/7 Monitoring Service : Firewall

Live Monitoring of your firewall for unusual activity is the first line of defence. Zero-day exploits (so called because they are used in attacks from day zero of the vulnerability’s known existence) can profoundly disrupt your network, and will only be discovered through log analysis. Small organisations lack time and expertise to monitor firewalls and detect active threats, allowing rapid remediation, so outsourcing this responsibility to our experts provides the ideal solution.

LEVEL 2 – 24/7 Monitoring Service : Firewall & Network

Live monitoring of traffic generated within your network is a further line of defence, protecting against employee error or malicious action/sabotage. We install a small program on your users’ workstations (Mac / Windows / or Linux) or Cloud assets, that feeds an encrypted record of traffic to our operations centre. You gain the reassurance that our experts are monitoring for unusual activity and can respond quickly to isolate and remove problems.

When Do You Need Netaraxy’s 24/7 Monitoring Solutions?

  • If you are relying on legacy security installations like unmonitored firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus or anti-malware.
  • When you want to pre-empt security issues before they affect your organisation
  • You are looking for deeper visibility into your IT infrastructure andthe IT assets spread across diverse environments.
  • You do not have access to accurate and actionable threat intelligence
  • You lack a team of skilled security professionals who can investigate and respond to advanced threats
  • Your security teams are overworked and don’t have time to manually investigate each and every log threat that looks like a potential problem
  • You are currently depending on incident response solutions that cannot prioritise threat hunting
  • Your network environments are growing quickly, which results in increasing attack surfaces, which in turn need dynamic security with rich capabilities
  • You need to meet compliance requirements. With Netaraxy’s 24/7 you will achieve the security control compliance defined under PCI DSS for credit card payments, GDPR, and ISO 271001: 2022 Annex A.

Secure Managed IT

Partner with Netaraxy to outsource the management of some or all of your IT systems.

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Training & Compliance

Ensure and update staff awareness to reduce attack surface and mishap

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Cyber Security Audit

Identify vulnerabilities to create a resilience plan

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